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Lycoris Recoil Review リコリス・リコイル - Rikorisu Rikoiru by R

Short Summary of Lycoris Recoil Review リコリス・リコイル - Rikorisu Rikoiru:

Lycoris Recoil Anime Cover

In order to keep peace and order in Japan they created a secrete organization called Direct Attack (DA). Direct Attack (DA) are trained assassins that eliminate trouble makers that disturb the peace. They are orphaned girls trained to kill under their "Lycoris" program. The story started with Takina Inoue who is an exceptional Lycoris who likes efficiency and results. She's also an expert marksman. Unfortunately, she was discharge from the DA for insubordination since she acted without the permission of superiors and gunned down all the hostage takers risking the life of fellow Lycoris Erika. Takina was transferred to one of the agency's under cover branches "LycoReco", which is a coffee shop. There she'll work with an easy-going agent Chisato Nishikigi, who is an elite Lycoris. Her new mission are mostly being a bodyguard, serving in the cafe, etc. Chisato prefered to use nonlethal weapons in defeating her opponents and this does not sit well with Takina. However, Takina even though she doesn't like her current situation has to get along since she's still hoping to get reinstated to her previous position at the DA. 


Lycoris Recoil is a nice action anime that is mixed with light and brutal scenes. The story which is the developing friendship between the main characters Takina and Chisato is interesting since they have different personalities and characteristics. 

 The animation can hold its own compared to other action animes today. I like the action scenes which flows naturally and gives emphasis to their abilities like Chisato dodging bullets and Takina's shooting. The movement is clean and smooth especially in action scenes. The characters are likeable and not annoying. Overall, it has a good storyline no wonder it's one of the most popular anime currently and ranked first on various anime weekly poll charts.  

top anime of the week anime trends

top anime of the week anime corner

The art work and the story seems to remind me of them:

Adachi and Shimamura

Or maybe because the director is Shingo Adachi....


  • Takina Inoue
  • Chisato Nishikigi  
  • Kurumi
  • Mizuki Nakahara 
  • Mika
  • Sakura Otome
  • Fuki Harukawa
  • Mashima
  • Saori Shinohara

Episode 1 "Easy does it"

Lycoris Takina
Takina Inoue

- Main characters were introduced and it shows the background of the secret organization "DA", the trained assassin who are young orphaned girls known as Lycoris, and the Café LycoReco which is operated by Mika and former DA agent Mizuki Nakahara. 

- DA are still looking for the weapons that supposed to be traded in the arms deal operation and the hacker who hacked their system while the operation were ongoing that resulted to a failed mission. 

- Chisato shows Takina the job that she'll be doing. 

Chisato Nishikigi smiling a bit
Chisato Nishikigi

- Their first bodyguard mission is guarding Saori Sanohara who accidentally took a picture of the ongoing arms deal.

- A mysterious man working for Alan Institute who hired Walnut to hack in to the DA system, bombs the hacker's apartment to silence the hacker. 

Episode 2 "The more the merrier"

- Walnut survived the explosion from the last episode and it was exposed that fellow hacker named Robota betrayed him/her, since Robota is after him/her title as the number 1 hacker in Japan. 

- This episode revealed the man from the Alan Institute is Yoshi, who is Takina’s first customer. 

Yoshi from Mario brothers
Ok, ok, ok, not this Yoshi! 

- Chisato and Takina mission is to protect Walnut from hired assassins who were paid by Robota. 

- Walnut appeared in the scene driving a car disguise as a squirrel, Walnut also has a yellow suitcase.

- While they were on transit using a car, Robota hacked the car's control who plans to sink them in the river but failed because Takina shot the drone he's using to control the car. 

- In the abandoned supermarket, Chisato and Takina confront the assassins in a gun fight which shows Chisato even aiding the injured enemies. The action scene also shows Chisato's ability to evade bullets like in Matrix. 

- While exiting from the abandoned supermarket Walnut is gunned down by another team of assassins. Robota informed Yoshi, that they have successfully eliminated Walnut. 

Kurumi lazy eyes
Kurumi aka Walnut

- While Chisato and Takina were in a van taking the apparently dead Walnut home, Mizuki emerges from the squirrel costume that is equipped with bulletproof. Walnut also comes out of the yellow suitcase, who appears to be a young girl named Kurumi. 

this is the Yoshi I was talking about... 

Episode 3 "More haste, less speed"

- Takina still feels out of place despite being in LycoReco for months. She still remain distant from Chisato, even if Chisato keeps on bugging her.  

- Chisato was called to HQ for a physical exam; Takina begged her to accompany her so she can talk to Commander Kusunoki and request to bring her back. 

Commander Kusunoki and her secretary
Commander Kusunoki and her assistant

- At the HQ, other Lycoris were seen gossiping about Takina making fun of her being expelled from the DA. Erika, the Lycoris that she saved did not agree with the other Lycoris, she appears to want to talk to Takina but she doesn't have the courage to approach her. 

Fuki Harukawa standing
Takina's former  team leader Fuki Harukawa

- Takina learned that she can no longer be reinstated since her team leader Fuki Harukawa (the one who punched her after the mission) has already filled her spot with a Lycoris named, Sakura Otome and Commander Kusunoki in the first place has no intention of bringing her back. 

Lycoris Sakura Otome
Sakura Otome

- Chisato figured out that the reason Takina can no longer be reinstated because she was used as an scapedgoat to cover up the hack in the DA's advanced AI Radiata. 

- In the physical exam, Chisato clearly outclassing Fuki Harukawa. They argued about Takina being set up by the commander. Fuki challenged them to a mock battle, Chisato accepted but Takina ran away. 

- Chisato fight against Fuki and Sakura alone at first, but Takina joined the battle and they easily beat the two DA agents. 

- Because of this events, Takina seems to gain respect for Chisato and opens up to her. 

Kurumi eating cookies
Kurumi eating cookies

Episode 4 "Nothing seek, nothing find"

- Takina questions Chisato's non-lethal bullets which were absolutely inaccurate, which is why Chisato had to shoot up close to her target. 

Kurumi playing VR
Kurumi playing VR

- Chisato discovered the Takina wore boxer shorts so she decides to take her shopping for clothes. They later went to a restaurant and aquarium. The episode shared a little slice of life in the story. 

Takina, Kurumi and Chisato
Takina, Kurumi and Chisato

- Mika met with Yoshi asking him why he won't tell Chisato who he really is. Yoshi was the one who brought Chisato to Alan Institute; Yoshi argued that it's against their policy.


- While Takina and Chisato were walking home, a terrorist named Majima attacked a subway train thinking that that train is full of civillian but to his surprise the train was full of Lycoris who gunned down all his men. Majima detonates explosives to be able to escape. 

Episode 5 "So far, so good"

Takina, Chisato and old geezer Matsushita
Takina, Chisato and old geezer Matsushita

- After a month from the last episode, Chisato and Takina have a new mission, acting as bodyguards for an old terminally ill rich guy named Matsushita, the old businessman wanted to go around Japan. While Chisato was chatting with the old man, she revealed that she can relate with the old man since she has a mechanical heart which shocked Takina. Upon hearing about Chisato's heart, Kurumi after a while figured out where Chisato’s heart came from the Alan Institute. 

- They were followed by an assassin named, Silent Jin who Mika remembers working with 15 ago. Matsushita the old guy, said that Jin killed his family and what he really wants was to guard him but to kill Jin in revenge. Chisato was able to defeat Jin after he hits Takina. The old man ask her to kill Jin but she refuse then he ask why an "Alan Child" refuse to kill. He also warned her about the Alan Institute’s plans. However, before he can divulge the secret the old man's machine suddenly stop working, killing him. They learned afterwards that, "Matsushita" was just some old drug addict and were used as a puppet. The person controlling him was soon revealed who looks like the secretary of Yoshi. 

Meanwhile, Majima together with his gang ambush and kill a Lycoris.

Episode 6 "Opposites attract"

Lycoris Recoil Secretary

- In the ending of the last episode, we saw Majima and his gang eliminating a Lycoris agent this will be the continuation of that story. When the news reached Takina regarding the attacks on Lycoris agents, she decided to live with Chisato since there is safety in numbers.

Takina and Chisato living together

- Majima getting impatient for loosing more men for attacking Lycoris agents threatens Robota giving him only 3 days to look for the location of the DA headquarters. After three days Majima barge into Robota's apartment to kill him but stopped when he saw Chisato recording beating up someone who attacked her apartment.

- Kurumi found out how the criminals know the identity of the Lycoris agents who were attacked. It was from a photo of the team who took part in the arms deal mission. Kurumi also revealed that she was the one who hacked the DA that resulted to Takina's dismissal. She also shows Chisato's photo taken while she was defending her apartment, telling the three that Chisato's life might be in danger.

- Chisato while walking to her mission got attacked by Majima. She was captured beaten and about to be shot by Majima when Kurumi shot the gun from afar.

Chisato about to be shot by Majima

Episode 7 "Time will tell"

DA's sketch of Majima

Majima's sketched by Chisato and Takina

Chisato and Takina going to a bar

-The episode started with Chisato and Takina at the DA's HQ drawing the sketch of Majima for Commander Kusunoki which is hilarious since all their sketch are off even the DA's. Chisato and Takina's sketch look like kids drawing.

- Meanwhile back the LycoReco, Chisato caught a glimpse of a text message from an anonymous sender to Mika. Chisato thought that the DA is planning to close down LycoReco so she asks the other to help her investigate.

- Robota was able to find more information on Chisato sharing them to Majima, he found out that Chisato was involve in the old Tokyo Tower incident which Majima is responsible for that attack. Majima attacked a police station.

- Fuki and Sakura (Takina's replacement) went to LycoReco to show them surveillance footage of Majima's attack on a police station which they finally identified Majima.

- Mika went to a high class bar to meet someone, Chisato, Takina, Kurumi, and Mizuki secretly followed him and found out that he was meeting Yoshi. They thought it was a date and that Mika is homosexual.

- When Chisato and Takina were about to leave, Chisato overheard that Yoshi was the one who saved her 10 years ago. She exposes her cover and talks to Yoshi and thanked him.

- In an elevator, Mika pointed a gun on Yoshi threatening him to leave Chisato alone. He later apologizes to Chisato for hiding the truth from her.

- At the end of the ending credits, it shows briefly that both Chisato and Majima have owl pendant which revealed both of them are Alan Child. 

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Episode 8 "Another day, another dollar"

Himegawa of Lycoris recoil

- Yoshi while seated on a chair tell his assistant, Himegawa that the dinner she prepared was delicious and that she has the talent for a chef. She asked  Yoshi if she had chosen a culinary path would the Alan Institute support her. Yoshi answered her that the Institute determines the future of people they have chosen. He told her to be careful in handling Chisato. 

Takina's poop cake
- Takina realizes that they are losing money at LycoReco and she grab the bulls by it horns and takes over the café’s finances. Takina tells Chisato to save bullets and use fewer resources in their missions.  Takina also created a new menu item, chocolate parfait which looks like a poop which she didn’t realized. The poop parfait was a hit and Chisato had no time to for her medical checkups which she deliberately delays because she’s afraid of needles. 

- Chisato missed another doctor’s appointment and it’s because Majima is in her apartment pointing a gun at her which is confusing since it doesn’t help Majima at all since she can dodge bullets. Majima revealed that he was one of the people who assaulted the Tokyo Tower and how she stopped them. He also revealed that he is an Alan child, and that he also has an owl pendant. He also has a super hearing ability.  He also tells Chisato that  Alan Institute is not about helping other people . 

- When Chisato finally made it to the doctor that one who attended to her was Himegawa who gave her a sedative to put her to sleep. Himegawa then proceeded to remove her artificial heart. Takina got worried since Chisato didn’t show up at work rushes out of LycoReco to find her. 

Lycoris Recoil Spin-off Light Novel 

Lycoris Recoil Spin-off Light Novel cover
The Lycoris Recoil: Ordinary Days light novel which is a spin-off of the original Lycoris Recoil is expected to be launch on September 9, 2022 and it’s getting reprinted due to overwhelming pre-order numbers according to publisher Kadokawa. 

Author Asaura (Ben-To) said that due to the unprecedented numbers of orders, they have to reprint it even before it goes on sale which is rare. 

Lycoris Recoil: Ordinary Days is written by Asaura and illustrated by Imigimuru with Spider Lily as supervisor and draft writer. It will be published by Dengeki Bunko

Lycoris Recoil: Ordinary Days is much anticipated light novel, even Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear, Snatcher, Policenauts, Zone of the Enders, Death Stranding) is a fan of it according to Kojima's personal assistant Ayako Terashima. 

Episode 9 "What's done is done"

Takina tries to shoot at Himegawa

- Takina was able to find Chisato lying on a bed with her chest expose while Himegawa hurriedly escape. Takina was too late Himegawa has already messed up Chisato’s mechanic heart with a high voltage electricity that it would no longer be able to be recharged, which shortens Chisato’s life to two more months. Upon learning the news Takina was devastated. 
- Kusunoki asked Chisato to team up with the DA to raid Majima's hideout. Chisato said that she would only agree if they take Takina back. 
- Mika reveals to Kurumi that when she was a kid Chisato possess a rare talent but she has a congenital heart disease which would lead to her early death. Yoshi helped Chisato giving her an artificial heart, he then asked Mika to take care of her as his own daughter, and asked him to make sure she used her talent for killing. Chisato thought Yoshi who is her savior as an upright man who wants her to thus used her abilities for good. Takina who was hiding listening to them butted in and ask if capturing Majima is the key to find out more about Chisato’s heart. Kurumi said it is the fastest way, and that taking part in the DA operation could be their chance. Takina who received a letter asking her to go back the DA said that she was about to turn them down. 
- Takina decides to return to the DA to help Chisato, she asked Chisato to a date and spend the whole day out with her. 
- Majima ask Robota about Yoshi.

Takina and Chisato's date
- At the end of their date, Takina took her into a park waiting for snow. Chisato asked her if she’s going back to the DA, she said yes. Takina said that everything is unfair but Chisato told her that she should stop worrying too much about something they don’t have control of. 
- After the ending credits, Yoshi and Himegawa’s car was blocked by Majima’s group. 

Episode 10 " Repay evil with evil"

Kurumi using the computer while Chisato opens the door

-The story started with Kurumi and Mizuki talking about tracking the Alan Institute using research papers for artificial heart when Chisato suddenly opens the door and tells them that she wants to close down LycoReco. Mizuki and Kurumi are going to leave to another country since the café is closing down. 

-At DA, Kusunoki shows clips on Majima ‘s past crimes and she said that his next target is Enkuboku. They also have arrested one of his clients which gave them information about his hiding place. The DA is planning to strike his hiding place and finally eliminate him. 

Takina asking where Yoshi is
-Meanwhile, Majima talks to Yoshi who is tied up he threatens Yoshi that he will target Alan Institute after the DA. The DA raid Majima’s hideout unfortunately he was able to escape, and through a TV screen he talks to Kusunoki and tell her that he will expose Japan's false peace. Takina butted in and ask Majima where Yoshimatsu is, Majima gave her a hint and then signal was cut off. 

- The next day, Majima hacked the live broadcast of Enkuboku completion ceremony telling the people that he has placed thousands of guns all over Tokyo for anybody who wants to use them. Kusunoki while watching Majima said that his true intention is to expose the existence of Lycoris. DA superiors asked Kusunoki to deploy Chisato. 

-DA superiors order Chisato's intervention. Meanwhile, Mika tells Chisato the truth about Yoshi and apologizes for hiding it. However, she does not blame to either of them, being thankful for the time she was given. Chisato receives a call from Kusunoki asking her to go back to the headquarters and that she needs to take down Majima, while still talking with Kusunoki she receives another call from Robota who tells her that if she heads to Enkuboku she will be killed. She decided to rescue Yoshi. 

Episode 11 " Diamond cut diamond"


Takina kick through a wall

- Kusunoki gives final instructions to Lycoris for their assault to take down Majima. Takina noticed the the name of Chisato on the list of Lycoris and ask Kusunoki about it. Kusunoki told her that she’s not coming since she lost contact with her. Takina felt something strange to she left and tried to investigate on her own she proceeded to Café LycoReco and found Chisato’s phone. She suspects that Majima has something to do with it.

-Onboard an airplane, Kurumi is using a virtual reality device to investigate Yoshi, and she found out more information on him through the doctor that created Chisato's artificial heart. She also found out that there is an improved version of that device that can save Chisato's life. She hurriedly disembark the plane and get Mizuki to leave her flight to Vancouver too. She called Takina to inform her about the better version of the artificial heart.

- Meanwhile, Majima talks to Robota asking if he was ready for Act 2 as the Lycoris begins on raiding his suppose hideout.

- While Takina’s team is waiting, she received a call from Kurumi. Kurumi sends her a photo of Yoshimatsu tied up which led her to believe Chisato is on her way to rescue him since Mika’s car is heading towards the old radio tower. Takina left her team to help Chisato even if she knew that she can never go back again.

- The Lycoris continue their operation against Majima's hideout but it turns out to be a trap, Robota hack the Radiata and seize the airwaves to expose the DA's existence and the Lycoris agents all over Japan.

- Chisato attacks the old radio tower and fights with Majima. Majima traps her in a room where there are no lights which neutralize her ability to predict while maximizing Majima's super hearing ability. Majima has the upper hand and he’s beating Chisato at every turn, when he’s about to hit Chisato midair, Takina burst into a wall to kick Majima in the face leaving a huge hole in the wall that gives Chisato the advantage. Prepare to continue with their battle next week! 

Episode 12 "Nature versus nurture"

Takina and Chisato vs Majima

- Right where we left off from the previous episode, Chisato, Takina and Majima are battling it out. Takina whispers to Chisato that she’s out of bullet, she revealed to Takina, Majima’s super hearing ability. In the end, the duo Chisato and Takina were too much of Majima. They were able to defeat and capture him. 

- The DA were informed about Majima’s capture and Kusunoki orders to get the cleaner to Majima’s location. She was stopped by a mustache man and he told Kusunoki that all the Lycoris will be disposed. Fuki received an order to standby. Mustache man tells Kusunoki that every Lycoris will have to disappear and Lillybell (just like Lycoris but made up of boys) will deal with them. 

- Chisato finally found Yoshi who tells her that she’s supposed to kill people not help them. He told Chisato that he has implanted the new artificial heart into himself so she needs to kill him for her to continue living. Chisato refuses to kill him but Takina tried to attack him but stopped by Chisato. 

- Mizuki and Kurumi arrived on a helicopter and she tells them that they have a new mission, they need to rescue the Lycoris at Enkuboku which is about to get deactivated by a group of LilyBell agents. Kurumi gave Chisato a USB stick so she can hack the tower and expose Robota. 

- Fuki ask her team to move and disobey orders. She ask the others and the injured Lycoris to joined up with the other team and she tells Sakura to join her and take back the control room. 

- Chisato and Takina arrived in time and save Fuki and the others who are getting beat up. She also plugs in the USB stick which helps Kurumi expose Robota and upload a fake video telling the people that it was all a publicity stunt. 

- Since DA's secret identity has been restored the higher ups calls off the LilyBell. 

- Just about when the elevator door’s about to close Majima appears and peppered them with bullets leaving Majima and Chisato alone in the same floor. 

Episode 13 " Recoil of Lycoris"



- Inside the elevator, the Lycoris are tending to Sakura who got shot when Majima peppered them with bullets.

- Meanwhile on the top floor, Chisato and Majima will begin the continuation of their battle. Majima activated a countdown timer for a bomb on his phone that will blew up the tower in one hour. He also shuts down the power to Enkobou so that no one will interfere with their fight.

- Takina decided to left the other Lycoris to help Chisato fight Majima.

- Chisato and Majima fights but was interrupted when her heart started malfunctioning. Majima lost his interest in fighting Chisato and decided to sit it out and talk for a while. As it turns out, Majima thinks he’s in the right path that he likes to bring down the DA by exposing them and bring chaos since they are lying to the public, while Chisato wants to help other people.

- In another scene, Mika was able to reach Yoshimatsu and Himegawa. He fought Himegawa briefly and was able to bring her down. He then proceeded to kill Yoshimatsu to get the new heart for Chisato.


- Chisato and Majima resumes their battle, Majima was able to hit Chisato since she’s more focus in snatching the detonator. Takina arrives and Chisato was able to shoot Majima multiple times that causes the glass to break and both Chisato and Majima fell. Takina rush to save her friend Chisato which she did successfully while Majima fell off the tower.

- The timer sounded off and instead of a bomb it was only fireworks. 

- The general population accepted Radiata's cover story that it was only a publicity stunt a movie. The DA seems to be having trouble finding the majority of the  guns Majima had hidden while Majima was revealed to have survived the fall.

- Chisato who was missing after her successful heart transplant was tracked down by Takina. She found her in a resort. Mika hid it from everyone that he had to kill Yoshimatsu for the heart. 

Lycoreco truck

- Chisato, Takina, Kurumi, Mika and Mizuki all went to Hawaii to operate a cafe truck.


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