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Coinbase Cancels Services to Other Countries: My Personal Experience

the subject line of the email coinbase sent for account suspension

As a long-time Coinbase user, I received an alarming email with the subject "An Important Message Regarding Your Coinbase Account." The email informed me that Coinbase would be discontinuing all services to my account and that I had until September 25th, 2023, to withdraw my funds. Confused and frustrated, I discovered that many other users were facing the same situation. It became clear that Coinbase was suspending or closing accounts for members from other countries, seemingly prioritizing its US-based clients. This sudden decision left me with no choice but to rely on Coinbase Wallet, but my trust in the platform had significantly dwindled.


Have you ever received an email that instantly sent your heart racing and your mind into a frenzy? Well, that's exactly what happened to me when I opened my inbox and saw a message from Coinbase with the subject line: "An Important Message Regarding Your Coinbase Account." My first thought was, "Oh no, what could possibly be wrong with my account?"

I clicked on the email, and as I started reading, I felt a sinking sensation in my stomach. Coinbase was reaching out to inform me that they would be discontinuing all services to my account. My access would be disabled since my account no longer met their updated standards. They did mention that I would have a little over three months to access or the Coinbase app and withdraw any funds I had in my account. The deadline was set for September 25th, 2023.

coinbase account suspension email body of the letter
This is the body of the letter I receive from Coinbase about suspension of my account.


At first, I couldn't fully comprehend what was happening. I had been a loyal member of Coinbase since 2017, despite the high fees associated with trading. The trust I had placed in Coinbase was now being shattered, and I couldn't help but feel a sense of betrayal.

Naturally, I turned to the internet for answers and solace. It didn't take long to realize that I was not alone in this predicament. Many other Coinbase users from different countries were experiencing the same sudden suspension or closure of their accounts. The picture started to become clearer—Coinbase appeared to be prioritizing its US-based clients and closing off services to members from other countries.

coinbase account suspension email headers
This is the header of the email I receive from Coinbase

coinbase support twitter reply about the suspension of their service
Our Twitter conversation

While Coinbase assured me that my funds remained secure, I couldn't help but question their motives. It seemed that the criteria for the account closures were not related to the coins held or the trading activity but rather the geographical location of the account holder. The situation left me feeling disillusioned and disappointed.

I tried searching online for the Coinbase support number or Coinbase phone number, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any relevant information. This lack of contact options further fueled my skepticism, making me question whether the email I received was some kind of Coinbase scam or part of a larger scheme involving fraudulent Coinbase emails. As a result, I began exploring alternative wallets and researching the withdrawal process provided by Coinbase.

Desperate for confirmation, I reached out to Coinbase's security team via the provided email address, Days went by, but I received no response. Doubt started to creep in. Was this email truly legitimate? Could it be a phishing attempt by scammers trying to gain access to my funds?

In an attempt to find clarity, I took to Twitter and contacted Coinbase Support directly. To my relief, they confirmed the authenticity of the email. However, the trust I once had in Coinbase had been significantly damaged by this whole ordeal. It was disheartening to witness the lack of communication and support from a platform that I had entrusted with my financial transactions for so long.

Now, with limited time remaining, I needed to make a decision. Coinbase had promoted their Coinbase Wallet as an alternative solution. This self-custody wallet offered complete control over one's crypto assets and supported a wide range of tokens and decentralized applications. Reluctantly, I accepted that I had no choice but to rely on Coinbase Wallet to continue managing my cryptocurrencies.

As I made the transition to Coinbase Wallet, I couldn't help but feel a mix of frustration and resignation. While the platform seemed to provide the necessary functionality, the disappointment caused by the abrupt cancellation of services still lingered. Coinbase's decision to prioritize US clients over customers from other countries felt like a slap in the face to those of us who had remained loyal, despite the platform's shortcomings.

In conclusion, Coinbase's cancellation of services to other countries has caused significant inconvenience and emotional distress for many users, myself included. The sudden suspension or closure of accounts has eroded trust in the platform and left us searching for alternatives. While Coinbase Wallet may offer a solution, it cannot replace the sense of betrayal experienced by those who believed in the platform's commitment to its global user base.

As the deadline approaches, I hope that Coinbase takes the time to reflect on the impact of its decisions and works towards rebuilding trust with its international users. In an industry that thrives on decentralization and inclusivity, it is disheartening to witness a major player prioritize one region at the expense of others. As users, we deserve transparency, clear communication, and fair treatment regardless of our geographical location.

The decision of Coinbase to discontinue services to users from other countries has caused confusion and frustration among its global users. The lack of communication and transparency from Coinbase has further added to the frustration of users. This decision could ultimately lead to a loss of customers and damage to the reputation of Coinbase.

Remember, fellow Coinbase users, we must stay informed, stay vigilant, and never hesitate to voice our concerns. After all, it is our collective power that can bring about change and shape the future of the cryptocurrency landscape.

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