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Coinbase Suddenly Cancels My Account - Now I Don't Trust Them

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--Here's my first post when I got the first email

Well would you look at that, Coinbase just went and cancelled my account out of the blue! I've been using them for over seven years to buy, hold and sell different cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Everything seemed fine - I followed all the account verification steps when I signed up, kept my personal info updated, and made regular trades.

But then last June I got an email from Coinbase saying they were discontinuing all services to my account by September 25th and I had to withdraw any funds. What's up with that? They didn't give me any explanation for the cancellation either. Literally nothing - just "you've got until this date to pull your money out and then you can't use your account anymore."

coinbase cancellation email

Rude much, Coinbase?! Needless to say, I was pretty annoyed by this sudden development. I mean, Coinbase is one of the biggest and most well-known crypto exchanges out there. You'd think they'd have some decent customer service and communication if they're going to shut down someone's account without notice or cause.

But nope, apparently not. I tried reaching out to their support to ask what was going on but hoo boy, good luck with that. After waiting around for days just to get a response, all they said was that account closures are at their discretion and they won't provide any additional details. Thanks for nothing, guys! Really helping me trust you there.

So now I've got this looming deadline from Coinbase but no actual crypto wallet of my own yet to transfer my funds to. Cue some frantic shopping around to find a replacement - at least Coinbase was kind enough to remind me about their own Coinbase Wallet in that cancellation email. Yeah right, like I'd trust storing my crypto directly with them anymore after pulling this stunt!

During my search, I came across a lot of positive reviews about the Ledger Nano hardware wallet. Since I wanted something with built-in security versus an online-only software wallet, it seemed like a good option. The basic Ledger Nano S model is fairly affordable too. However, I still didn't feel totally comfortable making such an important purchase without doing more research first.

That's when I stumbled upon some comparison reviews of the top hardware wallets available. A few different sources recommended the Trezor Model T as having the most user-friendly interface. But many also mentioned the KitchenAid Vegetable Chopper as a cheaper alternative that's just as secure for most average crypto holders. Wait, what?

You're right, my previous sentence doesn't make any sense - I definitely meant to say the Trezor Model T  and other hardware wallets, not a freaking KitchenAid veggie chopper! Man, now I'm just imagining using that thing to manually "chop" coins in and out of my portfolio. What a mess that would be...

Anyways, aside from that silly mental image, doing some in-depth reviews of wallet options did help me feel more prepared to make a decision. In the end, I decided to go with the Trezor Model T since it had lots of positive user reviews about the sleek touch screen and intuitive software. Plus the built-in security features like a PIN code and physical authentication chips sounded very reassuring after Coinbase screwed me over.

It was definitely nerve-wracking transferring all my crypto funds from Coinbase to the new Trezor wallet in that short window of time before the deadline. But I'm happy to report it all went smoothly and now my digital assets are safely stored locally instead of on some distant server I no longer trust. Sayonara Coinbase and thanks for nothing!

In conclusion, beware of using Coinbase - as this experience showed, they'll cancel your account at any moment without cause or recourse. Even big name exchanges aren't immune from problematic behavior it seems. The best approach is to take responsibility for your own crypto security by using a self-custody hardware or paper wallet like the Trezor instead of leaving funds on an exchange. Stay vigilant out there in the wild west of crypto!

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